Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FaceTime with Buddy

FaceTime chat with Buddy the peacock

Hey, Buddy, what's up? Are you going to have a nice tail this year? How's the family doing? I was so sorry to hear about Chickie—coyote is a terrible way to go. Don't forget that you can fly!

Did I tell you I dressed up as a peacock in flight for Halloween this year?

Costume depicting peacock in flight

A few of my feathers flew off while I was flying about the office, but that happens, right? I enjoyed educating my admirers on the various colors of peacock wing feathers and sent many of them running to google to see if my depiction was at all accurate. I highly enjoyed having wings for a day.

You take care now, Buddy, okay? Try to stay warm and safe! I know that snow you're getting right now isn't necessarily a peafowl's native climate.

Friday, February 13, 2015


We all have a god. Probably more than one. Let’s define a “god” as the thing (person, ideal, symbol, activity, feeling…) to which we give supreme importance. “Supreme importance” implies we can have only one, but like at a job, we can have multiple mid-level bosses. They might be organized into a hierarchy so it is clear which boss’s opinion matters more, or they could have ambiguous and overlapping influence over us.

So what is your god? What do you place above everyone else? Is it a person? Is it an ideal? Is it yourself and your own abilities? What is it that you seek out to get you through the day and keeps your attention longest? Think about that god. There is something you are affording supreme importance to. Is it what you want in that role?

When you spend time with your god, are you rewarded with satisfaction and peace? Do you feel more alive when you give it the best part of you? How much does it cost? Is it a good return on investment? What are you willing to sacrifice for it? Did you choose it or did it choose you?

I find myself making a god of “Comfort”. I worship the god of Comfort by arranging my schedule and my possessions around feeling most comfortable and least inconvenienced. I am not always content when I finally get things arranged the way I thought would make me most comfortable. At worst, I become a slave to protecting my tenuous hold on stability and comfort, and at best my safe routine lacks excitement without room left to be surprised by anything.

Sometimes I make a god of “Friends”. I sacrifice time, energy, and money for their amusement. I place my faith in friends to make me feel happy and fulfilled. Their companionship is indispensable in this life, but, being only human, they eventually have to disappoint me when they can’t be my everything every time I want them, just as I am bound to disappoint them. My best friend described the disappointment as “anything short of always” which I think describes it perfectly.

I also have a “God” in the traditional, religious sense. I try to afford my idea of this god supreme importance in my life. When I evaluate my relationship with this god critically, I feel overwhelmingly satisfied with my return on investment. The effort I put in to seeking out and learning about what I believe to be the omniscient and omnipotent being of the universe yields me peace, wisdom, patience, and meaning—the sort of stuff I need to help me get by on a daily basis.

Who or what are your gods? What do they promise you? Are they worthy to be your gods?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Like beets

There is a website that will analyze your twitter feed and create a sonnet "written" by you! (Click here and hover over lines to see original tweets. Too bad about the unpaired parentheses!)