Friday, July 11, 2014


This road may lead to a brilliant future and I have no choice but to take it, however, I am reluctant to drive on ahead with a pleasant past still visible in my rearview mirror.

Though it grows dark, I detour down Memory Lane. I round the bend that brought our paths together. I cruise the straightaways of our companionable twosome. I grin even as I jostle through the potholes and curves, recollecting how they brought us closer together.

Yet now I must turn back onto the main path. At the end of Closed Door Road, I will hang a right onto Open Window Avenue and continue until it becomes New Era Boulevard. But in my mirrors, for as long as I can, I will watch the sun set on our golden age, and remember what drove it to greatness.


I've been working on this piece for several weeks and even solicited feedback for it from various writing groups. It has gone through many revisions. I'm not sure if it's done, or what done looks like, but it is time to post it.

It isn't about one thing in particular, and yet, today, it is, about something I love that is changing. But I'm not going to elucidate what, because I want you to allow you to read it broadly enough to be about changes in life in general, and not just one particular thing.

If you have an excellent memory, you may notice that, yes, it uses some words and phrases from something I posted a year ago. But there is nothing like a little change to necessitate additional ruminations.